Established in 2009, Babaie Promotions, Inc. (BPI) offers fans access to global sports icons by capturing them in a series of limited edition, autographed figurines and signature events. While showcasing the likeness of renowned professional athletes in exclusive collector’s items, BPI raises funds for the athlete’s foundation or charity of choice.

With a focus on improving communities worldwide, BPI works to assist in achieving the goals set forth by their partner athletes by way of quality sports memorabilia. Offering each fan the unique experience of receiving a valuable product while supporting their favorite players’ selected non-profit, BPI is connecting fans with current and retired pros throughout the country.
BPI is proud to offer an ultra limited edition, high caliber product. All with a verifiable count, figurines are only available via BPI’s Web site and at limited BPI special events.

Visit the Clients Tab on BPIFanConnect.com to find out about featured figurines, upcoming signature events and much more!

Alixander A. Babaie President and Director of Acquisitions


Alixander Babaie has over 20 years of sports collectible experience and is proud to present George "The Iceman" Gervin as the Charter Client of our 1st series of BPI Exclusive Signature Events. This is the proudest moment, professionally speaking, of his career and his goal is to provide you, the FAN with the most compelling and interesting clients one could ever witness.
Loretta L Babaie Vice President & Promotion Event Coordinator


Loretta Babaie has assisted Alixander over the years with various projects and is one of the many on the team who will assist in organizing the BPI Exclusive Signature Events. She is very organized, extremely detail oriented and will do everything to ensure that you, the FAN are treated to a five star event, every single time!
Aaron C. Babaie Vice President & Future Territories Coordinator


Aaron Babaie has extensive business knowledge, handling various projects in his other business ventures and will assist in coordinating other potential territories and prospective clients for future BPI Exclusive Signature Events. He is a very methodical, intense planner who will work hard to provide you, the FAN with events, perhaps ultimately within your region as Aaron aims to expand BPI's scope beyond the Southwest!
Ali Hakeem Secretary / Treasurer & Legal Counsel


Ali Hakeem has incredible forethought, is a shrewd strategist and handles all legal affairs for BPI including contract language and negotiations with prospective clients as well as arrangement of future BPI Exclusive Signature Events. He is a very sharp, well educated individual who will work hard for you, the FAN by ensuring that all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed to ensure BPI performs at peak performance from a financial and legal standpoint.
Gabriel White Vice President & Future Sponsorship Coordinator


Gabe White has a geniune caring for people, as is evident through his experience as a licensed paramedic. Gabe will assist with coordinating prospective future sponsors of BPI Exclusive Signature Events. He is a very conscientious individual, who will also work to provide you, the FAN with a safe setting, comfirming that all events are run safely and properly.
Joanna K. Grizzard Vice President & Event Integrity Coordinator


Joanna Grizzard is a consummate professional, excels at finding the best case scenario in every situation and enforcing the plan into motion without fail. Joanna will confirm that BPI Exclusive Signature Events are run as efficiently as possible. She is the ultimate team player who will strive to provide you, the FAN with the best possible experience at every single BPI Exclusive Signature Event!

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